AMG proudly provides you with a full range of advertising sales and full-service publishing options.
With over 15 years of experience in association publishing and advertising sales, AMG consistently delivers on its philosophy: providing associations with timely, high-image print and digital publications that surpass expectations.


Advertising Sales

AMG has a team of dedicated advertising sales professionals who will work with you to capture the advertising revenue your publication needs to thrive. AMG will also handle coordinating all advertiser artwork, invoicing and collections.

Full-Service Publishing

AMG is prepared to handle every aspect of publishing your magazine or directory. Under your direction and control, we can take responsibility for ad sales, design, printing and distribution – everything needed to take your publication from “the idea stage” right to a delivered, professional publication.

Digital Publications

AMG proudly offers cutting-edge digital publishing and distribution solutions. These include online e-Magazines and apps for your iPad or Android device.